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This showreel is the collection of all my recent works primarily focusing on 3D Animation and CFX. This includes academic and personal projects. Please click on the respective projects to view them individually.

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Portfolio+ is the compilation of 3D imagery works, photography and graphic design. The computer graphics imageries below are the combination of my personal works, freelance and the work experience at an interdisciplinary studio, Lucid Dream. 


A desire to explore the unseen places opens up opportunities to click the magnificent vistas and landscapes. I immerse myself in my surroundings with a 35mm Canon A1 film camera. The below images are the few of those fleeting moments where I felt connected and lost at the same time!

Graphic Design.

I enjoy working with great people to help their business thrive. I work closely with all my clients in order to create high-quality work that meets the objectives and develop a long-lasting relationship. These are a few of my freelance and personal branding works.